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Fabretto Brothers

In 3.5 Star, Geelong West by Geelong Coffee

  Maybe today’s review will be a little unfair because, in my mind, I had expected Fabretto Brothers to be one of the best coffee venues in Geelong. As it turned out it was fine but certainly not the place …

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Sailors Rest

In 4 Star, Geelong CBD by Geelong Coffee

  I was starting to despair – I had struggled to find anything better than “pretty good” coffee down on the waterfront in Geelong’s CBD. But at Sailors Rest, I am able to report a coffee that was very good. …

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The Corio Bay Roadhouse

In 3.5 Star, Corio by Geelong Coffee

  Sometimes, you just have visit an iconic location and around these parts, they don’t come much more iconic that the Corio Bay Roadhouse. A full-on truck stop on the Melbourne end of Geelong, it is quintessential truck stop and …

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The Sprout and The Bean

In 3.5 Star, Geelong CBD by Geelong Coffee

  The Sprout and The Bean is located in a small shop, just east of the main part of Malop Street in the Geelong CBD. It is typical of most organic cafes – small, bordering on tiny store with a …