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The DeLonghi Test

In Other Stuff by Geelong Coffee

Let me say upfront that I always prefer drinking coffee with someone else in a cafe, restaurant, coffee shop or wherever. Although they represent the most significant components, there is more to a good coffee experience than simply the taste, …

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Geelong Fresh Foods

In 4 Star, Geelong West by Geelong Coffee

  One thing that I have found since moving to the area is that there are a few stand-out shops in which you can buy really good fresh food ingredients. If I’m in Geelong West, one such shop is Geelong …

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Spontaneous Express Cafe

In 3 Star, Geelong CBD by Geelong Coffee

  Sometimes, you order coffee knowing that it is going to provide a caffeine hit without delivering a fantastic taste experience. Such is the case when it is early on a work day and you are standing on the rail …

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Sea Eyes

In 4 Star, Anglesea by Geelong Coffee

  The good folks at Sea Eyes in Anglesea might have been a bit fortunate that I chose to visit on a day which simply couldn’t be any better suited to sitting in the outside dining area and enjoying lunch …

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Customs House

In < 3 Star, Geelong CBD by Geelong Coffee

  Let me talk about the venue first – what a beautiful, historic building, right in the heart of the Geelong CBD. As the name suggests, the Customs House has played a significant role in Geelong’s maritime history. Built in …