Anglesea General Store


For the second time today, I thought that I should cruise into a store that had a real “beachy” feel to it and having had the Anglesea General Store recommended by Anna, it seemed to fit the bill.

The Anglesea General Store (also known as Maid Marion’s and, in the past, the Angahook General Store), has been part of the landscape in Anglesea since 1929 but, in 2013, was taken over my new management who undertook some renovations before re-launching.

The store is not your traditional general store – you know the type I mean with everything you could possibly forget or run out of when you head down the coast for a holiday. I could see some basic requisites behind a counter in the back corner but apart from that, the store is a place for eating and drinking good coffee.

And good coffee it was – mine was served in a white tulip cup with a rich crema. If anything, the flavour was slightly bitter, which cost the cafe half a star but certainly still worthy of a “very good” rating. I sat at a bench that looked out the front window and across the Great Ocean Road to the river. Being by myself gave me that flexibility to sit where I wanted to – I suspect a larger group might have to wait for a table, particularly in peak season.

The coffee was certainly good enough to encourage a return visit – I look forward to that opportunity!


Address: 119 Great Ocean Road
Suburb: Anglesea 3230
Web Site:
Telephone: 03 5263 1420
Recommended By: Anna
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $4.00
Coffee Suppliers: Unknown
Headline: A great spot for coffee – I suspect that it might get a little bit crazy in the store during holiday season but today, there was no problem getting a seat. Coffee served correctly and tasted great!
Coffee Rating: Four stars

Skinny Legs Cafe


It is a long time since I have been to Aireys Inlet – probably close to 30 years – and so, today was an opportunity to do something a little bit “beachy”. I found two adjacent cafes and chose one at random and stood waiting to be served for over five minutes while the person behind the counter faffed around. Given a complete lack of interest in me as a customer, I walked out and went next door to Skinny Legs Cafe. It reminded me of the sort of places that you see in just about every surf or seaside-based film or soap opera, selling a broad array of food that is more likely to please the passing suffer crowd than someone looking for a quality gourmet meal.

My coffee was brought to me in a timely fashion (I wonder whether I would have beens served next door yet?) in a cup that whilst not a genuine tulip cup, in a cup that many of the hallmarks of the tulip including a relatively small surface area and an appropriate capacity. The coffee came with a crema that was not the best crema I have ever seen but certainly covering the top of the coffee completely. The temperature seemed to me to be just about perfect.

The flavour was there or thereabouts – certainly not the kind of coffee experience that would make me rush back purely for another cup, but certainly good enough to accompany a meal, should I ever be passing through the township again in the near future.

Three and a half stars seems to be the ideal rating for this – not fantastic but certainly acceptable. I can’t give you a rating for the cafe next door – I suspect that I might have still been waiting.


Address: 87 Great Ocean Road
Suburb: Aireys Inlet 3231
Web Site:
Telephone: 03 5289 6006
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $3.90
Coffee Suppliers: Lavazza
Headline: My first trip back to Aireys Inlet for years and so I went for something a little “beachy”. Coffee was certainly OK, although could be improved. Not surprisingly, the menu looks like it might cater primarily for surfies!
Coffee Rating: Three and a half stars

Introducing the “Revisit” category

As you will know if you have read the About Geelong Coffee page, one of the features of this web site and app is that the review is based on a single, unannounced visit to the cafe in question. It might be a bad day, it might be a good day – that, quite simply, is the luck of the draw.

That said, I have been asked by a few readers whether there is any opportunity for cafes to be revisited and re-reviewed. It has been suggested that my review of some cafes does not reflect the experience of others at the same venue and that maybe I had visited on a particularly bad day.

Well, I’d much rather get out and try different coffee shops and cafes rather than back-tracking but I have relented to some extent. There will be occasions when other people organise a venue that I have already been to. There’ll be times when I happen to be in the neighbourhood of a previously reviewed cafe with spare time. There will be other times when I think my original review was harsh for circumstances beyond the control of the cafe and its staff.

These are the reasons that will cause me to re-review a cafe – they will be very much the exception to the rule. The reviews will be contained in a new category called Revisits and will also be included in the appropriate geographic and rating categories. The heading will include the word “revisit” so that you will know immediately that this is a second-chance review.

I hope that you find these reviews equally interesting!

Cartel Coffee Roasters (Breakwater) – Revisit


I visited the Cartel Coffee Roasters location in Breakwater in mid-August, having been told that this was, without question, one of the best places to consume coffee in the region. At that time, I was particularly unimpressed by just about everything about the experience – the way I was spoken to, the speed of service when it came to delivering my food and, most importantly in this context, the quality of the coffee I was served.

And so, for reasons of geographical convenience for a business associate, I went back to do the first of my Geelong Coffee Revisits – a re-review of a location that I had already been to.

If anything, this time I am going to give an even lower score than my last visit. Take a look at the photos below – the first one was how my coffee arrived on my first visit in August. The second photo shows today’s coffee.

[column type=”one-half”]

August 2015


[column type=”one-half” last=”true”]

November 2015


As you can see, the crema in the second coffee is virtually non-existent. In my original review, I suggested that there was virtually no flavour in the coffee that was served. This time, it was a similar story but the flavour that was there was quite bitter and, frankly, difficult to drink. I chose not to make a fuss, given that primary purpose of the meeting was business, preferring to keep my associate in a good frame of mind.

What I can tell you, though, is this … the next time I visit the Cartel Coffee Roasters outlet in Breakwater, I’ll be having a soft drink – not the ideal endorsement for a cafe that specialises in coffee.


Link to previous review: Cartel Coffee Roasters – August 2015
Address: 7-13 Industrial Place
Suburb: Breakwater 3219
Web Site:
Telephone: 03 5222 6115
Open: Six days per week (closed Sundays)
Price: $4.50
Coffee Suppliers: Coffee cartel Roasters
Headline: Last time, I called my visit to Cartel Coffee Roasters a “really disappointing experience”. This time, the coffee was worse. For a cafe that specialises in coffee – it’s own brand and blend – well, there’s not much more to say.
Original Coffee Rating: lessthanthree
Revisit Coffee Rating: lessthanthree

Moo Mouth Coffee


Well, today represents the 100th time I have snuck into a local cafe, tried out their coffee and written a review. When we turned 50, we uncovered one of our 4.5 star venues and much enjoyment ensued. Today on number 100, I was left pretty disappointed, particularly since this had been recommended to me by Kate.

I was greeted with one of my pet hates – a young female attendant shouting “G’day mate, what can I getcha?” When I ordered my long black, I received yet another of my pet hates – the question of whether I wanted my long black as a “small” or a “regular”. Not that I should have been given the choice in the first place (because a long black is a long black) but when I asked for and received the “small” version of the long black, it came in a cappuccino cup. That means that the “regular” – by definition, the normal or most popular size – would have been even bigger.

As you will see from our Instagram page, the cup was the wrong shape and size and the crema was about a 4/10 ad the flavour wasn’t much better, to be honest. It was drinkable, but tasted like it had been made by someone who drinks their coffee with milk – someone who doesn’t understand the care that needs to be taken when making a long black.

For a cafe that roasts its own beans, I expected more and walked away disappointed.


Address: 148 Little Malop Street (cnr Yarra Street)
Suburb: Geelong 3220
Web Site:
Telephone: 03 5221 5384
Recommended By: Kate
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $3.60
Coffee Suppliers: Own roasting
Headline: Started off on the wrong foot with questions relating to the size of my long black. The coffee didn’t do the 100th review milestone the justice it deserved. Disappointing.
Coffee Rating: lessthanthree