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Flying Fox Bar

In < 3 Star, Avalon by Geelong Coffee

  The Flying Fox Bar is located in the departures lounge at Avalon Airport. At 5:00am, any coffee is good coffee but that said, it is an airport departure lounge and so, you would not expect the world’s best coffee. …

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Ground Zero

In 3.5 Star, Drysdale by Geelong Coffee

  Ground Zero seems to be a relatively new cafe in one of the Bellarine’s big growth zones, Drysdale. Set away from the main shopping precinct on the main Portarlington Road, you’ll find the cafe in the front of an …

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Lola’s Kitchen

In 3.5 Star, Newtown by Geelong Coffee

  This is the second incarnation of the cafe at the Boom Gallery in the funky river-end precinct off Pakington Street. The previous cafe Dirty Rascal has been replaced by Lola’s Kitchen and on today’s effort, that’s a little disappointing. …

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Flying Brick Cider Co

In 4 Star, Wallington by Geelong Coffee

  Sometimes, the cards fall in your favour when a coffee review is being done and so it was when I visited The Flying Brick Cider Co at Wallington this morning. One of the Melbourne radio stations was broadcasting live …

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Cafe Bocca

In 3 Star, Geelong CBD by Geelong Coffee

  Cafe Bocca is one of those cafes that’s really hard to explain. It certainly wouldn’t market itself as a sophisticated coffee experience. It would never call itself “a little piece of Melbourne here in Geelong” (and that’s a very …