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Wild Bean Cafe

In < 3 Star, Drive Thrus, Geelong North by Geelong Coffee

  I feel a bit nasty when I am writing reviews for drive through cafes – they are never going to be able to compete with expert baristas in nice cafes. To account for that handicap, I have created a …

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Inverleigh Bakehouse

In 4 Star, Inverleigh by Geelong Coffee

  I must confess that if I have ever passed through Inverleigh before, I must have done just that – passed through Inverleigh, a small settlement located (unsurprisingly) on the banks of the Leigh River. Located on the Hamilton Highway …

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Winifred’s Corner Shop

In 4 Star, Geelong East by Geelong Coffee

  Winifred’s Corner Shop has only been open since February 2016 and from what I can see seems to started to attract a steady stream of regular clients. I visited this location in October last year when it was under …

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Uncle Jack’s Cafe

In 3.5 Star, Ocean Grove by Geelong Coffee

  Uncle Jack’s Cafe has been established in 2015 in the old Ocean Grove Corner Store on the corner of Hodgson Street and The Terrace. Having served the town as a general store for over 100 years, the new owners …

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Dear White Hart

In 4 Star, Ocean Grove by Geelong Coffee

  Dear White Hart is located in an arcade off the main street of Ocean Grove with plenty of parking in the shopping centre car park behind the building. The shop itself is an unusual shape due to the shape …