Whenever a new cafe arrives in an area like Newtown’s coffee strip, it is very much a case of “only the strong will survive” and so it was with great interest that I visited Southside this morning.

The cafe is quite large with a lot of indoor space, a couple of reasonably sizeable tables out the front (yes, you can bring the dog) and an area in the front window, best described as inside/outside – inside the cafe but with an open wall to the street. I chose this indoor/outdoor zone before even entering Southside.

As I entered, I spotted a very familiar face behind the coffee machine – Greg, formerly the owner of the now-closed 10 sq M that used to be located in an arcade off Ryrie Street. This was a good start. And then I noticed that Southside have made the very excellent decision to use Sensory Lab coffee. Another big tick. I was shown to my table and my order was taken by someone sporting what appeared to be a genuine smile. Tick again. Finally, when my coffee and my breakfast were delivered, they were as good, if not slightly better than what I had expected! Tick overload! Seriously, I was almost on the verge of a five-star rating – certainly better than the 4.5’s I have so far allocated.

And so, the new 4.75 category was born in very pleasant circumstances, I must say.

Southside is the brain child of Jason and Belinda who formerly operated Burger Inc. further up Pakington Street and their experience both in running a business and knowing what rings the bells of the Newtown locals is very evident.

This is one that you absolutely must get on your bucket list. Scrub that – make it your tulip cup list!


Address: Shop 4, 343 Pakington Street
Suburb: Newtown 3220
Web Site:
Telephone: 03 5221 3967
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $4.00
Coffee Suppliers: Sensory Lab
Headline: Steadfastly refusing to hand out a 5-star rating unless it is an absolutely world-shatteringly good, I’m giving out the first in a new category – the 4.75 star!
Coffee Rating: foursevenfive