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7 Seeds Cafe


This new cafe, self-described on their Facebook page as “new trendy cafe on pako geelong west, great atmosphere, gourmet breakfast and lunch with great coffee & we’re fully licensed too”, the cafe only started trading during the week before Christmas. I went to the cafe on two occasions, once just before Christmas by myself and then again more recently with a friend.

The first thing that concerned me on my first visit was, when my order was being placed, I was asked what size I wanted my coffee – I think I could have chosen from regular, large and jumbo (maybe not the correct names but certainly three options were provided). As I have said on SEVERAL occasions, you can probably get away with offering different sizes for milk-based coffees but, in my opinion, not for a long black. When I reiterated my order – a long black to have in the cafe, I had to point to the tulip cup to ensure that I received the correct size.

The first cup that came out was well-made and well-presented – good crema, good temperature and better than average flavour. The second cup that came out was a complete contrast – no crema, warm at best and tasted quite bitter. I understand that people were new and maybe mine had sat around for a while, maybe someone else had made the coffee. I found myself think a rating of four for the first and probably a two for the second cup.

On my second visit, my friend ordered a skinny piccolo. The coffee that was brought out was pretty much a milky latte – one that we suspect may have been made with full cream milk. When we discussed it with the waiter, he basically told us that she was wrong and that he would bring what she had subsequently described. He then proceeded to bring her a short macchiato and told her once again that she was wrong. Now, I have had coffee with this friend at about twenty different places and everywhere we have been, her piccolo order has generally looked exactly the same, with varying levels of milkiness and therefore, various levels of enjoyment for her. What she does know is the difference between a piccolo latte and a short macchiato. Having been told that she is wrong, she has declared that she won’t be going there again.

My two coffees on the second visit were once again inconsistent – this three weeks after the cafe opened. I would like to think that those inconsistencies would be ironed out soon to provide a more predictable coffee experience.

The other thing I felt – rightly or wrongly – was that they were keen to keep people moving and not to stick around for long. Maybe we were there at a busy time but we were asked to move twice to enable different table configurations to be created.

All in all, a great location in the heart of Pakington Street, Geelong West but with at least five or six other options within very easy walking distance – the consistency of the coffee and the interaction with customers who actually know what they want needs attention to enable good competition with the other locations around them.


Address: 208 Pakington Street
Suburb: Geelong West 3218
Web Site:
Telephone: 03 5229 2725
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $4.00
Coffee Suppliers: Veneziano Coffee Roasters
Headline: Not to be confused with Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters and their cafes in Melbourne, this one appears to be a completely different company. Maybe unfair, given their recent opening, but disappointing on a few fronts.
Coffee Rating: Three and a half stars
Stick-Around Factor: Three stars

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