About Me

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I arrived in Geelong in May 2015 after spending the vast majority of my adult life (so far) in one of Australia’s state capital cities.

Having lived opposite one of that city’s best cafes (they have won a number of awards for their coffee and their food), I have been spoiled by the quality of coffee that had been presented to me during the previous two and a half years.

Now as a resident of the City of Greater Geelong, I am ready to discover the best cup of coffee in this region.

I am keeping my identity a secret for a reason – I don’t want people to know who I am so that they can treat me differently to other customers like they might do in one of those hotel review / restaurant review programs you might see on pay TV.

I am going to give myself a gender-neutral name – Chris the Coffee Drinker – to help keep my identity under wraps. The photos that I have used to show my reaction to each venue are clearly not pictures of me – they represent part of the endless supply of stock photo libraries on the Internet (yes, I have paid for each one of them so I can use them legally).

I have travelled to nineteen different countries and have visited seven of Australia’s states and territories, drinking coffee in just about every one of them. My coffee experience in those countries, states and territories has varied from appalling to amazing – and you might be surprised where I found those two extremes.

For the record, I started drinking coffee properly during my final year of secondary school when someone explained to me that the brown powder we’d be dissolving in boiling water at home wasn’t actually coffee. They introduced me to a cup of coffee, made by a barista, and that was it. Since then I can honestly say that the number of cups of instant coffee I have consumed is fewer than ten – and then only in circumstances where I would have offended grandparents and others if I had not drunk the “coffee” they had made for me.

I have been called a coffee snob and a caffeine addict – in the words of Maxwell Smart … “and loving it”.

You just never know when you might be sitting next to me in a café. Is that me wearing that nice tailored suit with the striped tie? Maybe I’m the late 30’s mum who is drinking coffee on the way home from school drop-off. That retired gentleman sitting reading the paper over there – he’s drinking black coffee. Maybe that’s me? I might even be that woman using her laptop here in the café – is she running her business or writing a review?

I might be one of those people. It’s likely I am none of them. But one day, when you least expect it, I’ll be there …