Apothecary Coffee (Chatswood NSW)


I have a friend who has recently moved to Sydney and so I trekked up to see him this weekend. His main complaint about his new home city is the fact that the general state of coffee is nothing like as good as you’ll generally find south of the Murray. According to his observations, there are a number of cafes who use run of the mill beans and see coffee as just one of the things that they sell along with food, soft drinks, etc, etc. The likelihood of finding a dedicated coffee outlet, using speciality branded beans is significantly lower than in Melbourne and Geelong.

I made it to Chatswood (on the northern side of the harbour) just in time to visit Apothecary Coffee and I’m really glad I did. Whilst they sell the occasional pre-made sandwich and cake, the primary focus is their coffee.

Using the increasing well-known and well-liked Sensory Lab beans, the coffee is really, really good and according to my friend, the best he has found in Sydney so far. Conveniently, the shop is directly over the road from his office!

To get to Chatswood, you’ll need to cross the harbour from the city and get off the train at the sixth station past the bridge. Once you get there, it is a walk of around 400m to Apothecary Coffee

Yes it is a fair way out of the CBD but from what I’m told and what I tasted – it is well worth the effort if you are looking for coffee in Sydney!


Address: 6 McIntosh Street
Suburb: Chatswood NSW
Web Site: www.apothecarycoffee.com.au/
Telephone: 0419 011 291
Open: Five days per week (closed Saturday and Sunday)
Price: $4.00
Coffee Suppliers: Sensory Lab
Headline: A Melbourne quality coffee in the suburbs of Sydney – a rare find. Well worth checking out if you find yourself a few railway stations north of the bridge.

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