Flying Fox Bar


The Flying Fox Bar is located in the departures lounge at Avalon Airport. At 5:00am, any coffee is good coffee but that said, it is an airport departure lounge and so, you would not expect the world’s best coffee.

The coffee is served in one of those not quite cardboard, not quite plastic cups which, of course, have the capacity to burn the tips off your fingers when picking the cup up. The texture and strength of the coffee were both as you might expect from an automatic machine more so than a barista brewed coffee – even though, there was a barista making the coffee.

But, that said, when you are up before the sparrows and heading off on a flight, maybe an average cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all. And so it was with this morning’s brew.

The message is clear – don’t drive out to Avalon to try the coffee. If you’re out there catching a flight, the Flying Fox Bar’s is certainly better than nothing.


Address: Avalon Airport Departures Area
80 Beach Road
Suburb: Avalon 3212
Web Site:
Telephone: Not available
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $4.10
Coffee Suppliers: Lavazza
Headline: There’s a little bit of “beggars can’t be choosers” going on here. The coffee is average but at 5:00am on a Friday morning, it has to be better than a “coin in the slot” coffee
Coffee Rating: lessthanthree