La Due Sorelle


A chance opportunity to visit Bannockburn on a Sunday morning gave a me an opportunity to try another of the village’s cafes. This one, Le Due Sorelle is located towards the south-western end of town (the other end of town to the railway crossing).

When I arrived, mid-morning, the cafe was close to full with plenty of “happy noises” coming from the gathered folk – individuals, couples, families. I ordered breakfast and a long black and was disappointed to be asked whether I wanted that in a mug. There still seems to be this thought that “more is good”, which doesn’t apply when talking about great coffee. If I want more coffee, I will finish my first cup and then order a second one … but I digress.

When the coffee arrived, the crema was acceptable without being brilliant and after a minute or two had disappeared completely. For a consumer of black coffee, the crema is one of the more important and enjoyable parts of the whole experience – cafes really should pay more attention to producing that thick and intense golden surface.

The taste was more than acceptable – it was pretty good, in fact. I ended up ordering a second cup – more to do with the fact that a friend arrived just as I was completing my first cup. If she hadn’t have arrived, I probably wouldn’t have had a another. I guess that translates to coffee that is good enough to order a second cup, without feeling that I was missing out if i didn’t.


Address: 2/38 High Street
Suburb: Bannockburn
Web Site:
Telephone: 03 5281 2023
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $4.00
Coffee Suppliers: Espresso di Manfredi
Headline: A nice family environment where the coffee and food are both good. A great place for Bannockburnians to have a leisurely breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday.
Coffee Rating: Three and a half stars

The Red Dog Cafe


The first thing I noticed on my trip out to Bannockburn today is how far the town and surrounding areas have developed since I was there last. A major service station is now situated at what is now a major roundabout on the Ballarat Road. A few estates have popped up with houses on smaller blocks of land. With more people locating themselves in the area, inevitably, the shape of the village has also changed.

The Red Dog Cafe is located in one of those village shopping centres that features a major brand supermarket, a newsagent, a bank, a post office and the like. It is the kind of place where you would expect to find an elderly couple sitting down for a cuppa before heading home with this week’s shopping. Therefore, the coffee that is served is only a small part of the menu – a menu that features award-winning pies, wraps, sandwiches, etc.

The standard of the coffee reflected the circumstances in which it is served. It seems to provide something of a central meeting place for the locals and serves coffee that is certainly not the worst coffee in the area but still some significant distance off the best. In fact, to be honest, it lands somewhere around the pass/fail standard in the De Longhi Test.

I knew that it was never going to be brilliant coffee when I was asked if I wanted a regular size or a mug – that is never a good sign. When I asked for the smaller of the two – the regular – it came out in a cappuccino cup. While the crema wasn’t the absolute worst I’d seen, it, too, was some distance off the best. You can see what the coffee looked like on our new Instagram page!

I would have been disappointed if I had driven all the way out to Bannockburn specifically for the coffee – but given that I was out in that neck of the woods already, it was certainly OK.


Address: Shop 6, 6 High Street
Suburb: Bannockburn 3331
Web Site:
Telephone: 5281 1633
Open: Six days per week (closed Sunday)
Price: $4.00
Coffee Suppliers: Unknown
Headline: I’m glad that I didn’t drive to Bannockburn just to have this coffee – I would have been disappointed. As it was, being in the area, the coffee was OK.
Coffee Rating: Three stars