Annie’s Provedore


I have been in Barwon Heads on days when it is blowing a gale and raining and I have been there at the height of summer when there is an overpopulation of screaming children, wetsuits and sunburn. I managed to squeeze in a visit on a Sunday morning that found itself comfortably located between those extremes. Annie’s Provedore is located right in the heart of the Barwon Heads shopping village and offers a wide range of foods – seemingly overpriced, from my observation – and both indoor and outdoor cafe facilities. I chose to sit outside and watch the world go past as I drank my coffee.

The coffee was presented in a tulip cup (hooray) – a red one, even – but lacked the crema and visual richness that I expect from a good coffee. I find a distinct correlation between the quality of a crema and the flavour of the coffee – a poor crema typically prepares me for a coffee that will lack any punch in its flavour. Today’s coffee did nothing to dispel that correlation.

Another interesting observation about Annie’s Provedore is their interpretation of a piccolo. One of my coffee drinking friends regularly orders a piccolo and is served with much the same thing every time – a piccolo latte. At Annie’s Kitchen, they don’t serve a piccolo latte – only a piccolo cappuccino or a piccolo flat white. In just about every cafe I have been to during the past couple of years, piccolo latte is an option for milk coffee drinkers. Today was the first time I had heard of either of the two that are served at Annie’s Provedore. For the record, my piccolo friend had what Annie’s describe as a piccolo flat white and was decidedly underwhelmed by what she was served.

It seems to me that Annie’s Provedore is sitting on a summertime gold mine but with other coffee options available within close walking distance, they would do well to invest in either some barista training or a different coffee supplier before the summer rush starts. My coffee was pretty good but I think it could be so much better.


Address: 2/50 Hitchcock Avenue
Suburb: Barwon Heads 3227
Web Site:
Telephone: 5254 3233
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $3.50
Coffee Suppliers: Unknown
Headline: Great location in the main street of Barwon Heads. Outdoor and indoor cafe that is virtually impossible to get into during summer. Plenty of food options, although reasonably pricey for what you get. Coffee pretty good
Coffee Rating: two