Cafe Dolce Trieste


Cafe Dolce Trieste is located on Separation Street, further west of the main shopping strip in Bell Park / Geelong North. Given the traffic that is coming and going from that part of Separation Street, it is good to study the map before you head off to the cafe to avoid having to undertake a specialist driving manoeuvre!

Cafe Dolce Trieste uses Slitti Coffee which, on its web site says “Burnt and bitter? No, thank you. Slit, coffee the Italian Way” – and I must say the coffee was one of the sweetest tasting coffees I have found on this journey. Noticeably unbitter (my spell check tells me that there is no such word), it almost tasted like someone had added sugar to my coffee. For many people, that will be good news. For me, probably not so much.

Unfortunately, the coffee was served with only a fair crema and whilst the flavour was fine, as I said above, probably a little too sweet for me. And if that wasn’t sweet enough, the cafe also specialises in a range of biscuits and pastries that you can order to have with your coffee.

I visited the cafe at a time when no one else was there and therefore, I found the surroundings a little sterile and lacking atmosphere but when I visit next time, I will make sure that I visit at a peak time so that I can report back on the vibe.


Address: 139 Separation Street
Suburb: Bell Park 3215
Web Site:
Telephone: 0497 055 689
Recommended by: Toby
Open: Six days per week (closed Sundays)
Price: $3.80
Coffee Suppliers: Slitti Coffee
Headline: A very sweet coffee with the opportunity to add even more calories to your day with a wide range of very nice looking biscuits and pastries.
Coffee Rating: Three and a half stars

Gourmet Delight on Hughes


Sometimes, gems are hidden away and are only known to locals and so it is with Gourmet Delight on Hughes, nestled in amongst a set of local shops in suburban Bell Park. As a newbie (thanks for your kind wishes on my first six months living in Geelong – six months today!), you hear about suburbs like Belmont and Highton early but up until a couple of weeks, I hadn’t even worked out where Bell Park was (sorry to the lovely folks of Bell Park).

So, whilst out driving in unfamiliar parts of our fine city, I decided to follow the signs to the Hughes Street Shopping Centre – and what a pleasant surprise. An independent grocery store. A butcher. A greengrocer. A couple of hairdressers. A chartered accountant and a couple of cafes. Saturday morning is obviously one of the busier times of the week but there’s was plenty happening as we dodged and weaved some rather nasty rain storms.

I selected Gourmet Delight on Hughes for no particular reason and ordered my coffee. I was made to feel welcome to the extent that the person serving me introduced herself by name. After delivering my coffee, she came back later to make sure that it was OK and for a quick chat. And the coffee was really good – served in an unusual shaped cup (see photo on our Instagram feed) but otherwise, good rich coffee with a more than satisfactory crema.

One other thing that made me happy – the price of a black coffee at Gourmet Delight on Hughes is less than an equivalent milk-based coffee. Given the constituent components of a cup of coffee – beans, water and, where necessary, milk – it seems unfair that we who do not consume milk are charged as though we do. Whether 50 cents is the correct differential (remember extra labour costs in frothing the milk, too) is a debate better conducted with a glass of red in hand, but it was nice to have had our lower cost base acknowledged.

A very satisfactory coffee experience which will be repeated in the near future!


Address: 35 Hughes Street
Suburb: Bell Park 3215
Web Site:
Telephone: 5272 2855
Open: Six days per week (closed Sunday)
Price: $3.50 ($4.00 for caffe latte, cappuccino, etc)
Coffee Suppliers: Julius Meinl
Headline: A hidden surprise nestled in a small shopping strip away from a main road. Well worth finding and checking out. Nice people too.
Coffee Rating: Four stars