Ground Zero


Ground Zero seems to be a relatively new cafe in one of the Bellarine’s big growth zones, Drysdale. Set away from the main shopping precinct on the main Portarlington Road, you’ll find the cafe in the front of an industrial estate on Murradoc Road. The estate is typical of many such set ups where factories and offices form a “U-shape” on the block and small businesses of various kinds take up the tenancies.

I’m sure that the tenants and the other businesses in the area are really pleased to have a cafe on their doorstep, as, it would appear, are the mums that drop their kids off at school and head in for a coffee and a chat. But even with the warmth of that environment, the building is, after all, a converted factory which can’t really be camouflaged. I would think that the building might very hard to heat during the winter.

I ordered two coffees – one for myself and one for the person I was meeting there. A few minutes later, a muffin was delivered to our table – one that we hadn’t ordered. When I returned it to the counter, there was a little confusion as to who had ordered the muffin and therefore which coffee order had to go to which table.

My coffee was served in a tulip cup – which was good – with a crema that was OK without being fantastic. The flavour was good without being outstanding.

As I have said in other locations, if you are living locally and looking for somewhere where you can catch up with friends, you could do worse than Ground Zero. If you are looking for really good coffee, you could certainly do better.


Address: Shop 1, 34 Murradoc Road
Suburb: Drysdale 3222
Web Site:
Telephone: 03 5251 5100
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $4.00
Coffee Suppliers: Unknown
Headline: Attached to an industrial estate in Drysdale, it seems very popular with the local school mums but just lacks the atmosphere of what I like in a coffee shop. Coffee was satisfactory.
Coffee Rating: Three and a half stars