The Boatshed Cafe


The Boatshed Cafe is located in a space at the end of a large electrical appliances store on Moorabool Street, almost down to the river in South Geelong.

The coffee, presented in a yellow cappuccino cup, lacked any decent crema and as is usually the case with coffee sans crema, lacked any great flavour. I really do think that many baristas drink their coffee in one milk-based form or another and, as a result, simply don’t understand what makes a long black coffee a long black coffee. If they DO know and they present coffee like today’s and every other one that I’ve been critical of, they should be pretty disappointed in themselves

And at the risk of inciting a region-wide chorus of “Bah Humbug”, we didn’t really need schmaltzy Christmas songs to be played while having our morning coffee. And if we really DO need them, we absolutely didn’t need them at the volume that they were being played. Seriously, if I had been with someone else, I would have struggled to hear them over Michael Buble.

PS: Why do we “walk in a winter wonderland” when it is 30 degrees outside?


Address: 531 Moorabool Street
Suburb: Geelong South 3220
Web Site:
Telephone: 03 5221 0557
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $3.50
Coffee Suppliers: Two Seasons
Headline: Coffee only fair. Music too loud. Not much more to say.
Coffee Rating: lessthanthree

Capra Coffee Roasters


I’ve have now seen it all … if I didn’t know better, I’d swear I had been set up.

As regular readers would know, I am a real stickler for coffee to be served in the correct cup. Capra Coffee Roasters, being a serious coffee establishment, sells a range of coffee-related equipment including cups. As you will see on our Instagram page, they were selling tulip cups with the attached description being “Long Black Cup and Saucer”. I’ll say that again – the tulip cups that they are selling are designated “Long Black Cup and Saucer”. Clearly, they know how to serve a long black … or so you would think.

Out came my long black – served in a cappuccino cup. I couldn’t believe it (that photo is also on Instagram). No, seriously … I’m not joking.

As it happened, the crema was pretty good and the taste was really good. How much better might it have been if the coffee had been presented correctly. I’d understand it if the product description had been, for example, 5oz tulip cup. But the actual product description was “Long Black Cup and Saucer”.

I’m still scratching my head …


Address: 110 Fyans Street
Suburb: Geelong South 3220
Web Site:
Telephone: 5222 2845
Open: Six days per week (closed Sunday)
Price: $3.50
Coffee Suppliers: Capra
Headline: If I can get past the choice of cup, the coffee was actually quite good. Much better than my previous experience of Capra at another cafe where the barista, using the same beans, delivered a one star performance.
Coffee Rating: Four stars

Kilgour Street Grocer and Cafe


Kilgour Street Grocer and Cafe is one of those small standalone shops in the inner suburbs of Geelong that has shades of West Perth, Kirribilli and Footscray about it. Situated on the corner of Swanston Street, it is close enough to the Geelong CBD and South Geelong station to be easily accessible, without the hassle of central city parking.

The store itself looks like it might have been two separate shops in the past with one now dedicated to tables and chairs and the other providing the counter, coffee machine and fridge, displaying cold drinks, light meals (e.g. focaccia) and delicious looking biscuits and cakes. We ordered our coffees and went and sat in the main seating area, noting that most tables were occupied (a good sign) and that Jack Johnson music was being played over the PA (a good choice).

So far, so good.

When the coffee arrived, my first impression was that the seemingly accepted Geelong behaviour of serving the coffee in a cappuccino bowl cup was upheld once again – great for cappuccino, not great for long blacks. The coffee itself seemed to be a little “overdone”, if that makes sense – almost like how dripolater coffee tastes after it has been sitting on the hotplate for too long. This resulted in quite a bitter taste and, therefore, an unenjoyable cup of coffee.

I found this really disappointing because, with everything else that I saw, I think it has the potential to become a really great location for coffee here in South Geelong. The cafe has only been open since November 2014 and so, the KSG&C team might have been finding their feet up until this point. I think, though, that with some solid barista training and additional experience, this could become something of a favourite location for me.

Typically, a two star rating results in me running away and never coming back but this one feels different. I’m going to give it a few months and go back – I’ll be interested to see how much it has improved in that time.


Address: 164 Kilgour Street (cnr Swanston Street)
Suburb: Geelong South 3220
Web Site:
Telephone: 0439 683 220
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $3.50
Coffee Suppliers: Cartel Coffee
Headline: Great location. Nice, light, fresh cafe setting. Food looks both healthy and delicious. Disappointing coffee, unfortunately.
Coffee Rating: lessthanthree