You know that your reputation precedes you when the person you are drinking coffee with at Swellsays “you’re not going to like that coffee being served in that cup”. And she was right – wrong cup size and the resultant poor crema with it.

The coffee tasted OK but as you’d expect, lacked the strength and body that I would normally associate with a long black coffee.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the area (like me – it was my first visit to Jan Juc), the cafe is part of a small shopping village that includes the pub. It is far enough from Torquay to be the preferred option for the locals of Jan Juc and so, everyone seemed to know everyone else – I suspect they’ll know who I am by being the only non-local in the place!

If you are in the immediate area and you are looking for a satisfactory coffee, you’ll be fine at Swell. Would I drive from the centre of Geelong, specifically to drink their coffee? I don’t think so.


Address: 15 Princes Terrace
Suburb: Jan Juc 3228
Web Site: www.facebook.com/pages/Jan-Juc-Swell-Cafe/437964126271460
Telephone: 5261 6033
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $3.50
Coffee Suppliers: Unknown
Headline: As you would expect at Jan Juc, the cafe has a noticeable hippie / surfie kind of feel. Food looks good. Coffee was satisfactory and probably the best you’ll find without having to head back into Torquay.
Coffee Rating: two