Espresso Blu


I must say I’m surprised – I didn’t see this coming!

Having travelled up to Melbourne earlier today, I took an opportunity to come back to Geelong via Lara – something I hadn’t done for a few years. The old town centre has now been dwarfed by a mega-complex featuring one of the big supermarket players and a series of smaller shops but still seems to have a bit of life about it.

When I parked the car, I had the choice of two cafes and for no particular reason chose Espresso Blu. Just as an aside, if you go looking elsewhere on the Internet for information about Espresso Blu, they don’t appear to have a web site and other folk have managed to mangle the spelling – Expresso vs Espresso, Blue vs Blu – but I think I’ve got it right!

Espresso Blu has both an inside area and a few tables out of the footpath – today’s bonus was a busker playing the harmonica a few doors up the street, playing a medley that included Scarborough Fair, Blowing In The Wind, Click Go The Shears, Waltzing Matilda and a few others, all played back to back with the same tempo. A remarkable feat in itself, but I digress.

The coffee was presented in a brightly coloured tulip cup and the crema was perfect. I have posted a photo on Instagram that shows a minor disturbance in the crema, caused by me being able to drag the tip of the teaspoon handle through it – the more impressive aspect was that the thickness of the crema meant that it was able to virtually heal itself when I dragged through it.

And that only leaves the taste to comment on. IF ANYTHING, the flavour could have been a little stronger but nevertheless, it certainly was right up there with one of the best I’ve tasted on this caffeine-laden journey. If you are in Lara and looking for a coffee, I think you’ll be equally impressed!


Address: 3 The Centreway
Suburb: Lara 3212
Web Site: N/A
Telephone: 5282 4999
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $4.00
Coffee Suppliers: Org Organic Coffee
Headline: Correct cup. Tick. Thick, rich crema. Tick. Flavour. Not perfect but certainly very good. So far, the best I’ve found north of the city.
Coffee Rating: Four and a half stars