The Flavour Mill Cafe


Firstly, a warning – to get to this cafe, you will need to walk through a minimum of one quarter of the downstairs area of the Mill Market which, in itself, presents a challenge. So much to see. So much to buy and take home with you!

But assuming that you can push through to the front corner of the building, you will find The Flavour Mill Cafe, serving good coffee and a selection of light meals and slices. My concern about cafes like this is that they are often living off the success of the complex in which they are operating and therefore, with a captive market, don’t really need to try too hard. But in the case of The Flavour Mill Cafe, I was pleasantly surprised.

With a choice of indoor or outdoor tables, the coffee they served is really quite good. Served in an appropriate cup (not a tulip cup but one with sensible dimensions) with a better than average crema, the coffee is well and truly worth the four-star rating I am giving it.

One warning in regard to the outdoor area, it is adjacent to the car park and the adjacent drive-through coffee vendor and so, the occasional waft of exhaust and traffic noise did take away from the otherwise pleasant surroundings.

I’d recommend a visit but you have been warned about the rest of the complex!


Address: 114 Bellarine Highway (inside the Mill Market Complex)
Suburb: Newcomb 3219
Web Site:é-Geelong-891098157592920
Telephone: 0457 327 950
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $4.00
Coffee Suppliers: Romanza
Headline: If you can manage to get to the cafe without being distracted by a million interesting items in the collectables stalls, you’ll find a pretty good cup of coffee waiting at The Flavour Mill Cafe.
Coffee Rating: Four stars