McCafe – Norlane


McCafe made the bold statement a few years ago that they would become the first-choice coffee chain in Australia. They undertook a nation-wide training program to create baristas for their McCafe – not just people who can press buttons on a espresso machine.

Of course, part of the coffee experience is the ambience of the restaurant, the size of the cup and a range of other factors – this is simply not going to be part of the equation when you use the Macca’s drive through. But, if you are looking for a take away coffee when you’re out and about, you are certainly going to find a consistent offer coming from the Golden Arches.

The coffee itself is more than acceptable – it’s actually not too bad at all. As I said above, you wouldn’t be choosing the Macca’s drive through if you were looking for an outstanding coffee experience. But it is what it is – a good solid, take away coffee that you can depend on.


Address: 400 Melbourne Road
Suburb: Norlane 3214
Web Site:
Telephone: 03 5272 2350
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $4.15
Coffee Suppliers: Rainforest Alliance
Headline: Consistent. Just what you’d expect. McCafe now available via drive through too.
Coffee Rating: Three stars