Port Pier Cafe


Today is going to be brief because there’s not much to say.

As I have said elsewhere, my intent is not to damage people’s business but to give an unbiased report on the coffee that was presented to me during my visit.

Frankly, today’s coffee was awful. Presented in what I would describe as a “roadhouse cup” – not an official name, but you probably know what I mean – the coffee was bitter, over-brewed and tasted like coffee from a dripolator that had cooled and been re-heated in a microwave.

The location itself is great, right down next to the pier at Portarlington, with what appears to be regular live music and a strong Spanish feel to the menu.

I got through about a third of the cup of coffee before having to “abandon ship” and leave. Time didn’t allow me to find another location in town, so I’ll be heading back to the Port at some stage soon to try and find a better coffee alternative.


Address: 1A Harding Street Street
Suburb: Portarlington 3223
Web Site: www.facebook.com/pages/Port-Pier-Cafe/162758377110467
Telephone: 5259 1080
Open: Five days per week (Wednesday to Sunday)
Price: $4.00
Coffee Suppliers: Kimbo
Headline: If your primary requirement is good coffee, look for somewhere else.
Coffee Rating: lessthanthree