Belsize & Co


Belsize and Co is located right in the heart of the main street of Queenscliff which means that I have probably picked a good day to stop by for a coffee – a drizzly, humid morning which is unlikely to draw tourists from too far away and, being away from school holidays means that getting a table was pretty easy. My feeling is that during peak times, this place might be a bit over-populated. In fact, looking at their Facebook page, the major complaint that I can see relates to waiting times. But I digress …

The cafe takes in two adjacent shops and so probably seats around 50-60 people. Apart from coffee, they have a selection of cakes and slices, as well as a food menu, although I didn’t take the time to study that today. My long black was delivered in tulip cup (that’s good), with a great crema (that’s good too) at what I believe to be exactly the right temperature (three out of three!). If I wanted to be critical of the presentation, the tide was a little low – rather than the standard 180ml, I”m guessing that it came in at around 150ml.

The flavour, though, was really, really good. Good strength, really smooth and lacking the bitterness that some intense coffees can produce. My strong instinct was to order a second cup but, because of my commitment to you, dear reader, I opted to move onto a second cafe to provide a “double-header” review for you today. There is no doubt, though, that I’ll be heading back to Belsize and Co really soon to enjoy another long black or two.

This is coffee that is worth the drive!


Address: 67 Hesse Street
Suburb: Queenscliff 3225
Web Site:
Telephone: 5258 1977
Recommended By: Gabrielle
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $3.80
Coffee Suppliers: Rosso Roasting Co.
Headline: Although the tide was out a little, this is coffee that is well worth the drive to the end of the Bellarine.
Coffee Rating: Four and a half stars