Alfie’s Cafe


Food court coffee – the phrase that should send shivers down your spine for all the wrong reasons.

I was shopping at the Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre this morning and spotted Alfie’s Cafe as I walked through their food court. The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that there seemed to be a bit of life about the place – people coming and going, smiling faces behind the coffee counter and the like.

Having made it through till 9:45am without a coffee, I was caught between grabbing a FCC (yep, a food court coffee) or waiting until I got out of the shopping centre to find another option. In the end, dear reader, I decided that, whilst not expecting the best cup of coffee in the region, an FCC might be an appropriate option for the purposes of research, if nothing else. And, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised

I ordered my coffee which was brought to my table in a proper sized cup at just the right temperature. My table had the required sugar, salt and pepper (yes, they have a good range of light meals, cakes, toast, etc, all of which looked pretty good) and cutlery – take note those of you who feel that it is better to provide these things by request only.

And so, to the coffee – it smelt good and, I must say, it tasted quite good. If anything, it lacked a bit of body – a kind of shallow taste – but very, very acceptable. Time played against me having a second cup but I would have otherwise been more than happy to order another – that seems to be a good measure of its acceptability.

So, one to file away under “don’t judge a book by its cover” – not all FCC’s taste like FCC’s. If you need to pause during your weekly shop to re-energise, you could do significantly worse than Alfie’s Cafe at Waurn Ponds.


Address: Shop 976, Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre
173 – 199 Pioneer Road
Suburb: Waurn Ponds 3216
Web Site:
Telephone: 0422 332 222
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $4.20
Coffee Suppliers: Unknown
Headline: Food court cafe that serves coffee that doesn’t taste like food court coffee. Food looks good too.
Coffee Rating: Four stars