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Wild Bean Cafe

In < 3 Star, Drive Thrus, Geelong North by Geelong Coffee

  I feel a bit nasty when I am writing reviews for drive through cafes – they are never going to be able to compete with expert baristas in nice cafes. To account for that handicap, I have created a …

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Flying Fox Bar

In < 3 Star, Avalon by Geelong Coffee

  The Flying Fox Bar is located in the departures lounge at Avalon Airport. At 5:00am, any coffee is good coffee but that said, it is an airport departure lounge and so, you would not expect the world’s best coffee. …

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The Boatshed Cafe

In < 3 Star, Geelong South by Geelong Coffee

  The Boatshed Cafe is located in a space at the end of a large electrical appliances store on Moorabool Street, almost down to the river in South Geelong. The coffee, presented in a yellow cappuccino cup, lacked any decent …

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Soul Fuel Cafe

In < 3 Star, Torquay by Geelong Coffee

  The preview information on SoulFuel Cafe’s Google listing says “The best coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner and wood-fired pizzas in Torquay”. I’m sorry to say that, based on my visit today, their coffee sits well behind my previous two coffee …

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Box Office – Revisit

In < 3 Star, Geelong West, Revisits by Geelong Coffee

  Box Office was one of the first venues that I reviewed as part of the Geelong Coffee project. At that time, I mentioned that I was pretty disappointed with the breakfast that I had – “there didn’t seem to …