Eddy and Wills – Revisit


When I visited Eddy and Wills last time, I reported that the coffee and the venue were really good. I also told you about two things that had cost the cafe half a star – firstly, the apparent insistence that if you order a long black coffee, you must also receive a jug of milk on the side and secondly, and more seriously, the cup was not totally clean. The coffee stains on the cup were well away from where I was going to place my mouth but it just left me a little concerned about the “care factor”.

Fast forward to a recent email from the proprietor who thanked me for me review (a pleasure, Matt!) and for pointing out a couple of issues that disappointed him.

In the case of the milk, they had adjusted their point of sale system to default to adding milk to a long black order and may not have trained the staff properly to adjust that accordingly. In the case of the dirty cup, he was horrified, given that they “pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our shop, cups, kitchen, toilets (everything else) so this is really disappointing to us.”

To his credit, Matt and his partner have held a staff meeting and training sessions in response to my concerns and have brought both issues to the attention of their team. It’s great to know that rather than get defensive when criticism is provided in a forum like this, that they read, take action and respond.

I am happy to report that a shiny clean cup was brought to my table without a side order of milk. The coffee tasted as good as last time so I have no hesitation in granting Matt and the team a four and a half star!


Link to previous review: Eddy and Wills – November 2015
Address: 130 Church Street
Suburb: Hamlyn Heights 3215
Web Site: www.eddyandwills.com.au
Telephone: 03 5298 2353
Open: Six days per week (closed Monday)
Price: $3.50
Coffee Suppliers: Code Black
Headline: Last time, I thought that the coffee was very, very good and the only reason that I didn’t grant the coveted four and a half stars was a dirty cup. This time, the coffee was equally good AND everything was just right.
Original Coffee Rating: Four stars
Revisit Coffee Rating: Four and a half stars

Box Office – Revisit


Box Office was one of the first venues that I reviewed as part of the Geelong Coffee project. At that time, I mentioned that I was pretty disappointed with the breakfast that I had – “there didn’t seem to be anything startlingly special about the bread used and the eggs were too hard for my liking”. I could have easily been talking about today’s breakfast as well. It is unlikely that I will be returning to Box Office for breakfast in the foreseeable future.

At least, last time, I found the coffee satisfactory – more so than startling. I have had experience with Axil Coffee Roasters in Melbourne and here in Geelong and until my visit to Box Office last time, I had struggled to find a good cup of coffee made with Axil beans. I used to work less than 200m from the Axil shop in Hawthorn and would walk at least another 500m past it to get coffee that I could enjoy. Interestingly, all of my workmates who drank their coffee with milk and sugar would rave about the flavour – not so those of us who drink our coffee black.

Anyway, today’s coffee was rated a full star less than last time and underlined my disappointment with coffee made with beans from Axil. Maybe coincidence? Maybe barista training? Maybe the beans? Who knows?

Personally, I don’t think I’ll risk it again.


Link to previous review: Box Office – May 2015
Address: 77 Preston Street
Suburb: Geelong West 3218
Web Site: www.boxofficecafe.com.au
Telephone: TBA
Open: Seven days per week
Price: $4.00
Coffee Suppliers: Axil CoffeeRoasters
Headline: In the last review I said “A touch industrial. Doing Axil Coffee better than Axil themselves!” This time was disappointing – once again I found an Axil brew that lacked any great flavour, as has been my experience in a number of outlets that use Axil beans.
Original Coffee Rating: Three and a half stars
Revisit Coffee Rating: lessthanthree

Cartel Coffee Roasters (Breakwater) – Revisit


I visited the Cartel Coffee Roasters location in Breakwater in mid-August, having been told that this was, without question, one of the best places to consume coffee in the region. At that time, I was particularly unimpressed by just about everything about the experience – the way I was spoken to, the speed of service when it came to delivering my food and, most importantly in this context, the quality of the coffee I was served.

And so, for reasons of geographical convenience for a business associate, I went back to do the first of my Geelong Coffee Revisits – a re-review of a location that I had already been to.

If anything, this time I am going to give an even lower score than my last visit. Take a look at the photos below – the first one was how my coffee arrived on my first visit in August. The second photo shows today’s coffee.

[column type=”one-half”]

August 2015


[column type=”one-half” last=”true”]

November 2015


As you can see, the crema in the second coffee is virtually non-existent. In my original review, I suggested that there was virtually no flavour in the coffee that was served. This time, it was a similar story but the flavour that was there was quite bitter and, frankly, difficult to drink. I chose not to make a fuss, given that primary purpose of the meeting was business, preferring to keep my associate in a good frame of mind.

What I can tell you, though, is this … the next time I visit the Cartel Coffee Roasters outlet in Breakwater, I’ll be having a soft drink – not the ideal endorsement for a cafe that specialises in coffee.


Link to previous review: Cartel Coffee Roasters – August 2015
Address: 7-13 Industrial Place
Suburb: Breakwater 3219
Web Site: www.coffecartel.com.au
Telephone: 03 5222 6115
Open: Six days per week (closed Sundays)
Price: $4.50
Coffee Suppliers: Coffee cartel Roasters
Headline: Last time, I called my visit to Cartel Coffee Roasters a “really disappointing experience”. This time, the coffee was worse. For a cafe that specialises in coffee – it’s own brand and blend – well, there’s not much more to say.
Original Coffee Rating: lessthanthree
Revisit Coffee Rating: lessthanthree