Chapel on Little Ryrie


The first thing that strikes you about Chapel on Little Ryrie is that the name is 100% accurate – the building is, in fact, an old Baptist church on Little Ryrie Street, just in from Fenwick Street. It boasts an outdoor area on the eastern side of the building that enables the whole inside / outside experience – on the day that I visited (a beautiful sunny Geelong day), the outside area was very well populated. The cafe offers both coffee and food from 7:30am and has a bar for those who might enjoy something a little more adventurous later in the day.

The coffee was served as it should be – in a tulip cup with a crema that was rich and, importantly, intact. I found the flavour a little sharper than I normally like but, that said, the coffee was still very enjoyable.

In regard to our new parameter of “stick around factor” (click here for explanation), I found that the cafe was a little loud, due, I suspect, to the wooden floor and very high ceilings that were the hallmark of churches in the days in which it was built. With lots of chatter and happy noise (which is a good thing), conversations bounce around and echo, making it much more appropriate as a social location than, for example, a quiet business meeting. That said, there wasn’t any perceived pressure for me to have my coffee and move on.

All of that said, it is a really good location with coffee to match. If you are in that part of the world – maybe having visited the adjacent Centrelink / Medicare office or the childcare centre next door to that, buying a coffee here certainly won’t see you “Crying In The Chapel”!


Address: 10 Litle Ryrie Street
Suburb: Geelong 3220
Web Site:
Telephone: 03 5222 6905
Open: Five days per week (closed Saturday and Sunday except during July)
Price: $3.80
Coffee Suppliers: Adore Specialty Coffee
Headline: Great old location, well restored. Really good coffee, too!
Coffee Rating: Four stars
Stick-Around Factor: Four stars

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