More About Cups

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I thought it would be worth giving you a quick update of the state of play in regard to cups in Geelong.


As you will have read in my previous discussion about cups, there seems to be a decided lack of knowledge about the tulip cup – the cup that is ideally designed for the purposes of serving a long black coffee. As I write this, the count on tulips vs cappuccino bowls is surprising to say the least – of the 29 long blacks reviewed, 10 have been served in tulip cups, 17 in cappuccino cups, one in what I’d describe as a roadhouse or motel cup and one in a take-away cardboard cup (to be fair, I wanted a takeaway coffee!). That means that of the 28 that could have been served in tulip cups, only around 35% have been. Disappointing to say the least.

I decided to get on the front foot with one of the cafes that I visit more regularly and offered to buy myself a tulip cup, if I could leave it there and use it whenever I’m there. They agreed and so off I went in search of a tulip cup. yes, I can get them readily on the internet but I thought, if I’m going to live in this city, I should try and support the local traders. I found one kitchenware shop who, whilst not knowing what I was talking about, at least jumped onto the internet and ordered a set of six for me. So, not only don’t the cafes know what I mean by a tulip cup, it appears that very few of the kitchenware shops do either. Wow!

So, if you have come to this page via our home page, you’ll see the counter has appeared – the number of coffees I have reviewed and the up-to-date count of cup types. Maybe, just maybe, word might get out that there is a better way to serve long black coffee. If you know someone who owns a local cafe, please let them know that I am out there and now, I’m counting!

UPDATE: I have taken my tulip cup into the above-mentioned cafe and have had a couple of coffees in it. I know you think I’m pulling your leg but the taste of the coffee was noticeable. Seriously.