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The primary purpose of this site is to document my journey in finding the best coffee drinking experience in Geelong and the surrounding region. It is a record of my opinions, typically based on one visit to the café. Yes, there will be times when that visit coincides with the barista having a bad day or a family of screaming children is sitting at the next table but it might also coincide with the very best day in the café or eatery’s history.

That’s just the luck of the draw, dear reader.

My philosophy with this site is to have a bit of fun as I go around trying out coffee in a range of outlets across the region. It is not attempting to pump up the proverbial tyres of any particular venue. It is certainly not designed to damage the business of any outlet that I criticise.

Some other rules and philosophies:

  1. In all circumstances, my order will involve a long black coffee. There are a couple or reasons for this:
    • If I am comparing the quality of the coffee at each establishment, it seems only fair that I compare apples with apples – or in this case, long blacks with long blacks
    • A bad coffee can be masked with milk and sugar whereas a coffee made without milk or sugar needs to stand on its own two feet, so to speak.
  2. At times, I will be drinking my coffee alone. At other times, I will be with one or two other people. Where it involves others, I will ask them how their coffee is and will include a comment to that effect where it is relevant but the scoring will be based on my experience – the taste of my coffee, the customer service and the ambience of the venue.
  3. It should be noted that the information presented – the date, the cost, my comments, etc – are accurate at the time of writing. I accept no responsibility for changes such as price rises, new proprietors, etc – it is my opinion, based on the visit that I made to that establishment, on that date.
  4. I don’t believe in all of this “tastes like watermelon, with a hint of caramel on the aftertaste” stuff that has become fashionable, thanks to the over-supply of so-called reality TV programs in recent times. I strongly believe that coffee tastes like coffee – sure, some coffee tastes different to other coffee but it still tastes like … coffee – and so, we will take that as a given. Whether it tastes good, bad or somewhere in between will be the focus of my assessment.
  5. I am not associated with any café or other venue. This site is not supported – financially or in any other way – by any coffee manufacturers, roasters, cafes or venue. In every case, I pay for my coffee just like the next customer – the good thing about keeping my identity secret is that the cafes don’t know who I am and so they don’t know to offer me inducements.

So there you go – the rules and philosophies of Geelong Coffee. I don’t see myself as a journalist or a food writer – I see myself as someone who enjoys a great cup of coffee.

That is all.