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Well, hello and welcome to 2017. My most sincere apologies for appearing to be absent for much of the past twelve months. I had an opportunity to undertake some work in another part of this fine country and took the chance to spend some weekends in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. That meant that on the odd occasion I was back in the homeland, I was without transport and much spare time. This resulted in the occasional review but not that many.

But, I am pleased to say, I am back here in the Geelong region and ready to take up the challenge of identifying the best coffee places in the region.

A quick cheerio to Lisa who sent me a nice note which included this:

[blockquote]”While I completely understand that the focus of your reviews is the quality of the coffee, would you consider adding a couple of other comments? These may seem peripheral, but for someone who likes to settle down in a cafe for a couple of hours, for coffee, and maybe brekky at the weekend, over the weekly paper, (sometimes with a sore head from overindulgence the previous night) … two key elements for me are that the seats are comfy (subjective, I know) and that if there is music, it is not thumping techno stuff that is going to make me want to do a runner before the order even gets taken. Like I said, I know this is not the focus of your mission, but it would be great if you would consider adding comments on these points.”[/blockquote]

I am going to take that suggestion a little further and provide a rating about how newspaper-friendly and work-friendly the location appears to be – I’ll call this the Stick-Around Factor. It will NOT affect the coffee rating – because, after all, this is a coffee review site not a cafe review site – but, where appropriate, a comment will also be included about how comfortable I would feel whipping out the newspaper or opening the laptop and sticking around for a while.

Thanks for the suggestion, Lisa!

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