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The accuracy of your location on this web site is dependent upon the settings of your GPS facility (on a mobile device) and/or your wireless modem (desktop) and how long it has been since the last location refresh. To minimise the amount of mobile data this app uses, we have limited the automatic location refresh to once per day.

You can see where your computer or device thinks you are in the map below – where it can identify an address, that will also be listed above the map.

To manually refresh your location, click on the “Click here to refresh your location” link immediately above the map below. This will reveal a search box with an arrowhead at the left hand end (circled in image below) and a magnifying glass at the right hand end.


To auto-locate, touch the arrowhead. To enter a different address, enter the number, street, suburb or town and where this is ambiguous (for example, Belmont) enter the state as well (i.e. VIC) and then click/touch on the magnifying glass.

Your most recent refresh located you at:

PLEASE NOTE: The auto-location will not work if you have not switched on the geo-location functionality on in your browser or mobile settings. In this case, simply enter your address in the box below.